January 27, 2020

"I had a great experience, Susan was very patient and informative with the training, I would easily recommend V-Bar to my friends...."
December 11, 2019

"Always great service, knowledgeable, and at a fair price!! They also sell parts, and if they can't find it, they will recommend who can-who does that! I didn't know that they sold attachments, but with Belltec and CID products, I don't have to search far. "
August 6, 2019

"This business really stepped up to the plate. They helped me get out of bind their competitor put me in. I really appreciated their friendly service that helped me avert a big production headache right now that our forklift is broke down."
September 13, 2018

"Great service and ownership."
September 13, 2018

"Great service and ownership.."