Forklift Service in Texas

V-Bar Equipment Company is dedicated to delivering complete forklift service throughout the state of Texas, to keep your equipment in top working order. A well-maintained, properly serviced forklift will not only help your business stay streamlined, it’s also safer for everyone and will ensure your investment lasts longer.

From mechanical repairs to issues with hydraulics or electrical components, we’re capable of delivering an unparalleled depth of forklift maintenance in Texas. Best of all, we’re versatile and accommodating of your needs, offering you a bevy of options to ensure your equipment is fully functional when we’re done with it:

mobile forklift service

Mobile service

Our service crews arrive at your location in trucks specially outfitted with anything your forklift might need for minor repairs and maintenance. We’ll get to work servicing your truck right at your facilities, so there’s no need to send it out. This enables us to provide rapid repairs, minimizing downtime and cost for our customers.

forklift repair

In-house repairs

If there’s a major issue with your forklift that we can’t fix on-site, we’ll make arrangements for it to be transported back to our facilities. We’ll take care of the logistics so you don’t have to!

forklifting a forklift

Loaner program

If your forklift is down and out, waiting for repairs at our shop, we can provide you with loader equipment to fill the gap until your repairs are finished. It’s one of the many ways we show our dedication to our customers.

forklift parts

Parts in stock

We stock a wide range of parts and have access to numerous manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Our network enables us to get virtually any part quickly, minimizing the time your forklift is out of commission.

More than just forklifts, we can also service and repair forklift telehandlers, boom lifts and scissor lifts. Our goal is to ensure your equipment is always in its best condition, for optimal safety and efficiency. Give us a call today at 325-670-0427 if your equipment is due for maintenance or needs repairs.