Forklift Training in Abilene, TX

Having trained and certified forklift drivers on staff is a great asset to your business and can help you more effectively operate day-to-day. V-Bar Equipment Company is here to ensure your forklift operators are trained to a high degree of excellence, in compliance with the high standards set down by OSHA and other workplace safety organizations.

Our approach to forklift training in Texas is thorough and comprehensive, to ensure your employees are consistently safe during their operation of this heavy equipment. We cover the dynamics of driving, operating and general safety, while also covering proper procedure for dealing with malfunctions or hazards.

When your employees are done with forklift certification by our experienced staff, they’ll have the skills necessary to operate a forklift and similar machinery in full compliance with OSHA standards.

Forklift Training

Train with us or at your location

We’re pleased to offer forklift certification in Abilene, Taylor County, and Hamby, TX at our facilities—or we can also schedule an appointment to hold training sessions at your location. Our facilities are equipped with everything needed to ensure your employees are properly trained and overseen by a qualified professional. In-house training at your location enables trainees to learn in a familiar environment, with the equipment they’ll be operating regularly.

Let us train you

For certifiable forklift training, delivered by highly-trained professionals, trust V-Bar Equipment Company. We’ve trained numerous employees on the various aspects of forklift safety of the years. We’re ready to train your staff today, to ensure your facilities are operating effectively and to the highest standards of safety.

For more information about our forklift training, rental, or repair options or to schedule a session with us, please contact us at 325-670-0427. We’re happy to accept individual and group appointments. Please specify whether you would like to do forklift certification at our facilities or your own and we’ll be happy to accommodate you!