How to Use a Pallet Jack – A Step-By-Step Guide

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How to Use a Pallet Jack – A Step-By-Step Guide

Pallet jacks are an extremely useful tool in the warehousing industry, but they must be used correctly to be effective. This step-by-step guide will help you get started with using a pallet jack safely and effectively.


When you need to move a pallet, a pallet jack is an efficient and affordable way to do so. But it’s important to know how to use a pallet jack correctly and safely. The first step in using a pallet jack is to locate the release lever. Typically, this is found on the center bar. It is most often a different color than the rest of the center bar. Once you’ve located the release lever, push inward on it to lower the prongs. This will raise the forks off of the floor and allow you to slide the pallet underneath it. The next step is to use the handles to ‘pump’ the prongs up and down. This is similar to the way a hydraulic jack works. It is important to pump the prongs up and down slowly to ensure they don’t drag on the floor.


Steering a pallet jack is a necessary skill to have for a variety of industrial applications. Whether you’re operating a manual or electric pallet jack, learning how to steer it properly can help keep you safe and productive. When you’re ready to steer a pallet jack, stand behind it with your hands on the metal handle, and push it toward the forks, which are facing outward. Locate the control lever on the handle and press it to raise or lower the forks. Squeezing the control lever causes the lift cylinder to lower, which also lowers the forks proportionally. With the forks lowered to about one inch off of the ground, slide them underneath the pallet you want to move. If they’re still too high to easily slide under the pallet, press the control lever again and pump the handle until the forks are completely lowered.

Charge the Electric Pallet Jack

Once you’ve safely maneuvered a pallet jack, it’s time to charge the battery. Many electric jacks have batteries that can be charged in a short amount of time, but you may need to wait for your charge to reach full power before moving around a large warehouse or other construction site. Taking the time to check everything out before you use it can save you the trouble of having to deal with an electric pallet jack that isn’t charged when you need it.

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