What’s the Difference Between Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts?

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In the construction world and in other industries, like warehousing, arbors, and utility and power, powered lift devices and machines are essential tools. The question, however, isn’t about the value of lift devices but which type of lift or lift devices are best for your needs. There are basically two different types of lifts to choose from, boom lifts and scissor lifts. It is here that the boom lift vs scissor lift question takes center stage.

The Boom Lift vs Scissor Lift Comparison

Although both boom lifts and scissor lifts serve the same essential purposes, they offer different benefits and uses. Here is a look at the boom lift vs scissor lift comparison and the benefits of each.

The Different Types of Lifts

While each type of lift is created to help carry people, supplies, and objects, their capabilities and design lend them to very different purposes. For strictly vertical reach and lift capabilities, scissor lifts are effective options for getting the job done.

Scissor Lifts

There are two common types of scissor lifts; electric and all-terrain or heavy duty. Scissor lifts use a crisscrossing brace design (resembling the appearance of scissor blades) and move vertically. 

Scissor lifts have a reach of up to 60 feet, can support 1500 lbs, and offer a sizable working platform, typically capable of holding multiple people and tools or materials. Electric scissor lifts are commonly found in industrial, warehouse, and manufacturing settings. Heavy-duty or all-terrain scissor lifts are also often used in construction environments. 

Boom Lifts

The great advantage of boom lifts is the ability to move vertically, horizontally, and even rotate. These lifts use a hydraulic arm with a cart or attached platform (often gated). Boom lifts can extend over 200 feet and can support up to 1000 lbs. 

Bucket trucks, telescopic and articulating boom lifts are the three most common types of boom lifts. Electricians, tree trimmers, and utility workers are professions that will typically use boom lifts.

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