How To Choose the Right Scissor Lift for Your Project

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A scissor lift is a type of equipment that can provide quick and safe access to hard-to-reach locations. This type of equipment is especially helpful when attempting to reach locations at different heights when building a scaffold would be impractical. Scissor lifts are often used on construction sites. Before choosing a scissor lift rental, there are a few factors you need to consider.  

The Working Height

The first consideration will be the working height of the project. What will be the greatest height you will need to achieve during the length of the project? You will want to choose a scissor lift that reaches that height.

You should also be aware that working height and platform height are two different measurements when it comes to scissor rentals. Be sure to talk with a heavy equipment rental expert about these details.

Weight Capacity

This is a very important safety consideration when you are choosing a scissor lift. In order to keep workers safe and injury free, the scissor lift must have the appropriate weight capacity, and only employees that fall into that weight capacity should be allowed to work on the lift. You should also consider the weight of the worker plus any tools that would be going up with them.

The weight of tools involved can have a big impact on the weight capacity you need. You should also consider if multiple workers must go up together. All of these factors will affect the weight requirements on the lift.

Personnel Capacity

Even if multiple workers fall within the weight capacity, a scissor lift will have a personnel capacity as well. This means you cannot send up more than the designated number of people. This is also a safety precaution. The scissor lift will not be designed to accommodate more than a certain number of workers at a time.

Platform Size

The scissor lift will have a platform where workers will perform their duties. Platform sizes can vary. Be sure to get a lift with a platform size that will accommodate the number of workers and their tools.

Project Nature

The final consideration will be the nature of the project the lift will be used for. You should consider how long workers will need to be up on the platform to perform duties. You should also consider the types of tools that will need to be loaded into the lift along with the workers.

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