Forklift Maintenance 101

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For any business that operates out of a warehouse, factory, or even some retail stores, having access to a forklift and other heavy equipment is a necessity. With these pieces of equipment, your business can run much more efficiently and safely. However, to ensure that your forklift and other heavy equipment are in good condition, you need to have it all properly maintained. Various forklift and heavy equipment maintenance tips should be followed to ensure that the equipment remains in good condition. 

Maintain the Forklift Regularly

One tip to follow when you want to maintain your forklift is to ensure that it is inspected and tuned-up regularly. A forklift can be a very complex machine with a lot of working parts. To ensure that your forklift works properly, bring it in for service at least once every 200 hours used. While some parts can go much longer without maintenance, bringing it in regularly helps ensure you stay ahead of needed repairs.

Bring It in for Service When Needed

Another tip to follow when you own or manage a forklift or other piece of heavy equipment is to bring it in for service when necessary. When using a forklift regularly, always pay attention to odd noises and sensations that come from the machine. If it appears that something is wrong, never hesitate to bring it in for service. When you do this on time, you can catch any minor repairs before they turn into bigger problems.

Complete a Daily Inspection Checklist

With any piece of heavy machinery, it’s important to always complete a full checklist before you start to use it. For a forklift, this can include checking the lift, tires, engine, and fluid levels, and inspecting for any visible signs of damage. When you do this on a daily basis, you can identify any flaws early. It can also prevent you from trying to use the equipment if any safety concerns need to be addressed.

Keep the Heavy Equipment Clean

Nothing can have a negative impact on a forklift more than if it is not properly cleaned. Depending on how it is used, a forklift could accumulate a lot of dirt and debris throughout the day. Because of this, it is important to make sure it’s fully cleaned at least once per week. This helps it to remain cleaned out at all times, which can avoid certain forms of damage and wear and tear.

To make sure your equipment stays in good condition, you need to follow the proper maintenance plan. These forklift and heavy equipment maintenance tips can help ensure that you’re able to keep this essential equipment in good condition. 

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