How High Can a Telehandler Lift?

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The best telehandlers can provide your construction team with many unique benefits, making them a great option. Before contacting a telehandler rental or sales team, it is important to understand a few operation elements. For example, just how high can a telehandler lift? Let’s break down this and other factors to ensure you get the best telehandler sales possible for your needs.

How Telehandlers Are Used

While telehandlers are mostly used in agricultural fields, they can also be used in many other ways. For example, they’re commonly used to move heavy loads from trucks, clean up work sites, remove snow, and move heavy materials. Their uniquely modular design lets you add a few unique features. For now, let’s focus on just how high they can lift. We’ll highlight a standard boom reach for a telehandler, its overall angle of operation, and how much lift that gives you. This way, you should get a pretty good idea of what to expect when renting one of these popular lifting tools.

How High a Telehandler Can Lift

A telehandler is basically a hybrid crane forklift that can also be fitted with various attachments that improve its overall design. You can also set it up as a boom-lift by adding a simple platform attachment. Most telehandlers can extend at least 30 feet or higher and can lift at a 70-degree angle.

That gives you plenty of lifting room for just about any just on the market today. For example, some models can lift as far as 56 feet given the angle options available. Others may lift as far as 60 or even 70 feet, depending on their design. Note that you should never extend the boom past its maximum length, or you may damage its overall design.

Other Factors To Consider

Before renting a telehandler, it is important to consider a few other performance elements and attachments that you can use to improve your equipment’s overall usage:

  • Maximum Lift Weight: Most telehandlers can lift between 4,440 to 12,000 pounds, depending on your equipment’s overall design and size.
  • Forklift and Bucket Attachments: These let you adapt your telehandler and may slightly increase its overall reach, depending on the design.
  • Metal Pless: You can add this blade to your telehandler to plow or remove snow from an area, giving you a surprising amount of control.
  • Grapple Buckets: These options help you haul many materials and can also work well with material buckets, cubing forks, pallet forms, and lumber forks.

Learn More Today!

If you’re interested in telehandler rental and want to work with a team that you can trust, call us at V-Bar Equipment Company today. You can call our main office at (325) 670-0427 or toll-free at (866) 508-6608 to learn more about our telehandler sales and rental options. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to learn more about how this equipment can help you.

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