Skid Steer Augers and Their Many Uses

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Skid steer augers are a type of construction equipment used to drill holes in the ground. They are often used to install poles or posts but can also be used for other purposes, such as drilling wells or excavating. In the water drilling industry, skid steer augers help quickly and easily create the initial hole for a well. This process is much faster than a traditional drill rig, and it is less likely to cause any damage to the surrounding area.

How Do Skid Steer Augers Work?

Most skid steer augers have a hydraulically driven motor that turns the auger bit. The motor is connected to the auger bit by a drive shaft. The operator controls the speed and direction of the auger bit by using joysticks or levers that control the flow of hydraulic fluid to the motor. Therefore, the operator can make the auger bit spin quickly or slowly and change the direction it is spinning.

Some skid steer augers also have a second motor to raise and lower the auger bit. This feature is very useful when the operator needs to drill a hole at an angle, such as when drilling a hole for a post installed at an angle.

What Are the Uses of Skid Steer Augers?

These important systems are generally used in the water drilling industry. However, this does not mean they cannot play a critical role in other areas, such as:

  • Tree Planting

Tree planting is a process in which saplings are planted in the ground to grow into trees. This process is often done by hand, but it can also be done with the help of skid steer augers. The auger bit is used to create a hole in the ground, and then the tree sapling is placed in the hole. This process is much faster than hand-digging, and it minimizes the risk of damaging the roots of the tree sapling.

  • Fence Post Installation

Forklift augers can also be used to quickly and easily install fence posts. This is a much faster process than using a manual post hole digger, and it is also less likely to damage the surrounding area. Therefore, those installing fence posts can save some money when they adopt this strategy.

  • Pole barn construction

Another common use for skid steer augers is in the construction of pole barns. Pole barns are a type of agricultural building typically used to store hay or other farm equipment. The poles that support the roof of the pole barn are usually installed using an auger.


The role of skid steer attachments is significant, especially in the agricultural and construction industries. Skid steer augers can help save time and money in most construction roles. Any challenging tasks are a walk in the park with the right model. However, you need experienced support for the right selection and implementation of the product.

A good skid steer auger is critical in enhancing your operations. Contact V-Bar Equipment Company today and let us help you choose the right model for your business.

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