What Is the Most Common Type of Forklift?

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Forklifts are amazing machines that make warehouse work and receiving processes more efficient and productive. You might be thinking about investing in some forklifts for a future or current project. Here’s some information about them so that you can choose the right vehicle. 

Different Types of Forklifts

These are some of the most common forklift types:

Pallet Jacks

The most basic type of forklift is the manual-operated pallet jack. Pallet jacks have a long set of forks on the bottom that are held up by wheels. Individuals can use the handlebars and a lever to operate this type of forklift, and it can generally hold a few thousand pounds of weight on it. The downside is that a pallet jack is restricted to moving items only a few inches off the ground. Other types of forklift devices can move pallets higher. 

Walkie Stackers

Walkie stackers are more capable of getting pallets higher up into the air. Operators stand behind them and use a long handle to steer them to the pallets they need to move. 

Walkie reach stackers are electrical versions of walkie stackers. Warehouse associates often use them to load trucks. 

Multi-Directional Forklift

A multi-directional forklift is a machine an individual can sit in to transport pallets to different areas within the warehouse. They are capable of getting items up to significant heights. 

Many more types of forklifts exist, and they all have special abilities to make warehouse operations more productive. You can speak to a dealer to match your needs with the perfect unit. 

The Most Common Type of Forklift

Reach trucks or reach forklifts are the most common types seen in warehouses, and they are popular for their productivity and reliability. Workers are usually trained to use reach forklifts for various tasks within the receiving area. Some of them can move items as high as 19 feet, while the most sophisticated devices can extend up to 41 feet.  

Can You Rent a Forklift?

The beautiful thing about forklifts is that you can rent one if you don’t have the funds to purchase one immediately. Several companies offer forklift rentals you can use until your business gets its profits up a little higher. Find a local forklift dealer and ask what you need. You might have to offer a deposit and a major credit card to rent the forklift, but getting your work done promptly will be worth it. 

Forklift rentals might also include maintenance plans, forklift repair, and warranties to ensure that you operate safe machinery. Ask about all the features and benefits of a forklift rental before you secure one to be on the safe side. 

As you can see, you have many choices if you’re looking for a forklift for your business or project. You can even rent one, as mentioned above, if you don’t have the budget to purchase a new or used unit. Ensure that you contact a trustworthy establishment when you’re ready to obtain your vehicle, and then invest in one to make everyone’s job a little easier. 

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