What Are OSHA’s Forklift Regulations?

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Forklifts are the most commonly used type of vehicle in shipping, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities, among other places. The benefits of forklifts are very obvious, but the related hazards are mostly overlooked. This is why it is very important to follow the forklift safety regulations in any facility. Forklift rental companies ensure that they look after the clients’ safety.

Different companies and safety managers think that OSHA does not have forklift regulations, but actually that isn’t the case.

How To Find OSHA Forklift Regulations

OSHA doesn’t have any specific regulations or sections meant for forklift safety. That is why it tends to be very challenging to get the needed information. But all truck industries are covered by different standards that aim at each industry that are commonly used. For some general industries, all safety managers should ensure that they look at 29 CFR 1910, especially at 1910.178, to learn about the related relationship covering industrial vehicles.

The guide has different sections for longshore facilities, marine terminals, and other things. OSHA does this because the requirements are mostly for powered industrial trucks, which will depend on the environment. Studying the OSHA regulations for certain types of environments is needed to assist and ensure the proper operation of different vehicles.

Forklift rental companies can provide forklift safety regulations to assist your team or company in ensuring that they are safe and to look after others when operating a forklift.

Applying OSHA Standards to the Workplace

Safety managers must use OSHA regulations to come up with a set of procedures and processes to stay in compliance. Forklift operators should be trained first on how to operate the forklifts properly. Any person who works close to these vehicles needs to undergo safety training because they have to play a very important role in helping to avoid accidents.

Even though OSHA regulations are not found in any set place, you need to ensure that before renting or buying any forklift, you do some research to get the regulations. Train your team and equip them with the needed safety equipment so they can protect themselves during the operation.

Bottom line

Forklift rental firms always have the latest OSHA forklift regulations. Before renting any forklift, do some research about the company to see if they will also give you the regulations. Other forklift rental companies offer training to your forklift drivers before giving you the forklift to ensure their safety.

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