Forklift Parts Frequently Replaced During Repairs

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Any forklift operator knows the damage imposed on the forklift when in use. Like most machines, they’re susceptible to wear and tear breakdown and other forklift problems. A forklift will require timely tune-ups throughout its lifespan to maintain its functionality and operate at its highest capability. That means knowing aftermarket forklift parts and components that require frequent replacement during the repair. This article will list some of the most commonly replaced parts in any forklift model to help you recognize them and understand why they need to be replaced.

Forklift Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic pumps are heavily utilized parts in a forklift. They can be found in various parts, such as the braking system, power steering, steering system, suspension system, and gear and motor system. One of the most common hydraulic pump problems you’re likely to encounter is faulty gear. A bad gear can be caused by multiple reasons such as high temperature, wear and tear, fluid leaks, and contamination. If you experience any problem with your pump’s functionality, you might want to perform a forklift hydraulic pump repair immediately.


A forklift’s brake system faces the difficult task of decelerating and stopping your forklift weighing thousands of pounds of heavy material over a short distance. Whether your unit has drum brakes, brake pads, or an air-cooled braking system, it’s important to check and replace worn-out brakes regularly. This helps stop your forklift in a safe and timely manner every time. Poor brake maintenance increases the likelihood of injury and major equipment damage.


Your forklift tires receive tremendous amounts of wear, especially in extreme weather conditions. Damage to the tire integrity increases the chances of injuries and product damage when they are airlifted and transported. Ensuring your forklift tires are functioning optimally helps contribute to better fuel efficiency.


The air and oil filters help prevent expensive damage to your engine. The oil filter cleans your oil and keeps your engine running smoothly. It is essential to replace your oil filter whenever you change the oil. The air filter prevents natural air contaminants from entering the engine. Any particles mixing with the hydraulic fluid, fuel, or oil risk damaging your engine’s ability to function. Regularly replacing your forklift filters based on the manufacturer’s maintenance guide can help prolong your forklift’s lifespan.

Forklift Mirrors

Forklift mirrors are crucial, especially if you’re performing a complicated maneuver. Accidents can happen, and mirrors can be knocked off or cracked as you perform tasks on your regular workday. Consider inspecting your mirrors during maintenance and determine whether they will need to be replaced or not.

Hydraulic Supplies

The forklift hydraulic system moves chains designed to lift loads. Any issue with the cleanliness of lines and hydraulic fluids, leakages, and damage to gaskets can lead to sputtering lifts and other execution problems.

Aftermarket Forklift Parts Forklift Hydraulic Pump Repair

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