Expensive Forklift Repairs and How To Prevent Them

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For industrial and manufacturing companies, efficiency is key. Even a few hours of downtime can cause great losses. Forklifts are essential machines that make work easy by hauling heavy loads. Sometimes, no work can be done if the forklift is not functioning. However, the machinery might develop problems that require hefty repairs. Preventing these problems before they occur is always the best option. Read on to learn more about these repairs and how you can prevent them.

Electrical Components Repair

Forklifts depend on electrical systems. These systems control the machine’s crucial parts, such as the steering, dashboard, starter, and the lift assembly. That means when a forklift has an electrical problem, it cannot function.

When the electrical system develops some problems, you can incur hefty repair costs. Luckily, you can prevent these problems by adopting a regular forklift maintenance schedule and keeping the batteries in good condition.

Cooling and Radiator Repairs

Cooling and radiator repairs are not very common but are very expensive. Dust can accumulate in the radiator, which causes clogging and reduces the efficiency of the forklift. It can also wear down due to overheating. Regular radiator inspection can catch these problems easily, preventing expensive repair costs.

You can prevent these repairs by keeping an eye on any leakage signs, letting the forklift cool down when it overheats, and maintaining the proper fluid levels.

Transmission Repairs

The transmission powers the most crucial parts of a forklift. These include the lift assembly and the drive shaft. Repairing transmission problems can cost you thousands of dollars, and that’s just for the labor portion. Replacing them will cost you even more. Regular inspection is crucial in preventing these problems. Other things you can do to prevent transmission problems include maintaining proper fluid levels and not overloading.

Battery Repairs

Battery repairs in forklifts are also very costly. Some of the most common battery problems include sulfation and short circuits. Sulfation occurs when there is a buildup of lead sulfate crystals. Batteries with this problem take longer to charge and lose their cranking power.

On the other hand, a short circuit occurs when the battery terminals are connected with a low resistance conductor. Battery repairs can be prevented by waiting until they are fully charged before use and ensuring they have the right fluid levels. Regular checkups are also important since battery issues can easily be detected even before showing signs.

Preventing Expensive Forklift Repair in Older Forklifts

An older forklift can perform efficiently when properly maintained. However, these forklifts are more prone to developing problems that cost incredible figures to repair. You can prevent these problems and increase the lifespan of your machine by adopting a regular and thorough forklift maintenance schedule. Regular oil changes are also very crucial.

Forklift repair can cost you a lot. They can also bring work to a halt, which can have a negative impact. Fortunately, you can prevent most of these repairs by practicing proper forklift maintenance. Seeking repair services immediately if you notice a sign of a problem can also be helpful, since some problems worsen with time.

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