Common Forklift Replacement Parts

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Just like other machines, forklifts develop problems at some point. The damaged or worn-out part needs to be repaired or replaced when this happens. Replacement mostly happens when a part cannot be repaired due to severe damage or when it’s very old. It is also good to know when you should replace these parts to prevent inefficiency and safety hazards. Below are some of the most common forklift replacement parts.


The forklift mast chain endures a lot of strain due to lifting heavy loads. This strain causes the chain to wear out over time. Worn-out chains can be very dangerous since they can easily snap and cause damage or injuries. They can also cause product damage if they snap when a load is being lifted. They should be inspected regularly, and forklift chain replacement is required when there are signs of severe damage.

Electric Components

Electrical components of a forklift ought to be in proper condition at any given time, as they are responsible for controlling the crucial parts of the machine. When these components are not working, forklift electrical repairs can be done. However, electrical components should be replaced if they are significantly damaged.


The brakes of a forklift are always engaged, as they are responsible for decelerating the machine as it carries a heavy load. They should be in peak condition to ensure that the machine can be stopped on time. Brake failure can make the forklift operator lose control of the machine, which may cause accidents and damage. The brakes should be inspected regularly and replaced if they show any signs of damage.

Air and Oil Filters

Air and oil filters protect the forklift’s engine from overheating and oil contamination damage. Mostly, manufacturers of these filters recommend when you should replace them. Doing so is crucial as it prevents problems with the engine. Additionally, older filters may cause strains on the forklift, hampering its fuel economy and decreasing its lifespan. Regular inspection of these filters helps in detecting problems that can be fixed by replacing them.


A forklift’s tires are subjected to a lot of weight and will get worn out after some time. Overuse may lead to ripping, chunking, and tearing. Replacing the tires when they show signs of damage or by following the manufacturer’s guidelines contributes to the safety and comfort of the operator. Additionally, it ensures that the forklift is working efficiently and does not overconsume fuel.

Hydraulic Supplies

Hydraulic supplies of a forklift help with the proper movement of its chains. Any problem in these systems, such as leaks, contamination, and gasket damage, affects the performance of the lifts. Replacing these systems when they are not working properly or damaged helps in the chains’ proper function.

The parts of a forklift need to be in good condition to function efficiently. When these parts are not repaired or keep on developing problems after repair, replace them immediately to fix the problem. Replacement also prevents accidents, damage, and downtimes. You can also prevent expensive repairs and replacements by adopting a proper maintenance schedule for your machine.

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