Selecting the Best Type of Forklift Attachment

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It goes without saying that forks are the most common forklift attachment. After all, it’s right there in the name! But forks aren’t right for every application, which is why it’s important to have an array of forklift attachments to tackle whatever task needs to be done. Keep reading to learn about a few of the most helpful attachments.

Side shifts

Side shifts are so common these days that many forklifts come with them. They allow you to shift the forks from side to side, allowing the operator to make minor adjustments without maneuvering the whole truck. Side shifts also reduce pallet damage and prevent wear and tear on the truck. They also allow for quicker loading and unloading times.

Fork positioners

These forklift attachments allow the operator to automatically adjust the distance between the forks. Fork positioners are beneficial for handling unusually large or small objects. Unlike a side shift, this attachment requires an extra hydraulic valve.

Single-double pallet handlers

Single-double pallet handlers have four forks that are either paired to lift one pallet or spread out to mimic two sets of forks. Like fork positioners, single-double pallet handlers require an additional hydraulic valve. Using this attachment can improve efficiencies around the warehouse because the operator doubles his truck’s pallet capacity.

Paper roll clamps

Any business that handles paper products can benefit from having paper roll clamp attachments. As the name suggests, these attachments allow operators to grip and move massive paper rolls. The clamps have automatic pressure controls to ensure the right amount of pressure is applied to the roll. Most attachments also have pads to further reduce the chance of damage.

Appliance clamp

These clamps are used to handle square or rectangular-shaped objects that don’t need a pallet. You’ll often see these in businesses that handle beverages, appliances or other fragile products. Because there’s no need for pallets, appliance clamps can save a ton of room in your warehouse and reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

Slip sheeters

Also known as push/pull attachments, these attachments also eliminate the need for pallets. Instead of being placed on pallets, loads are placed on cardboard or plastic slip sheets and are pushed by the forks. You’ll often find slip sheeters in food processing warehouses or facilities that handle bagged cement or other bulky items.

Carpet poles

You can probably already tell what it is by the name, but carpet poles are heavy-duty rods used to move rolls of carpeting around. They’re preferable to forks for this application because they reduce the risk of damaging the carpet and ensure the load is steady throughout transportation.

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