What Is a Pallet Jack?

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The term “forklift” doesn’t only apply to machines that are driven like vehicles. In fact, a forklift isn’t even always motorized. One of the more basic types of forklifts is called a pallet jack, and they are often more affordable than ride-in forklifts, in addition to being more practical in certain environments and for particular applications.

There are many different types of pallet jacks, and they are all suited for different types of jobs. For starters, there are motorized pallet jacks and hand pallet jacks. Here’s more information to help you determine what type of pallet jack rental is right for you.

Hand pallet jacks

Hand pallet jacks are the most basic group of the pallet jack family. These are manual, hand-operated machines, as the name suggests. They are also the most basic type of forklift, consisting of only the forks, a few wheels and a handle with a release trigger to lower the forks.

The handle is connected to a pair of tall wheels at the base, and the forks have smaller wheels at their tips. The forks are raised by cranking the handle, similar to how a carjack works. The forks are lowered via the release trigger in the handle.

These types of pallet jacks can typically handle anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 pounds or more depending on the model you choose for your pallet jack rental. Some are made to handle specific environments, like freezers or spaces with low clearances. Some also have small motors to assist with maneuverability.

Motorized pallet jacks

While hand pallet jacks are almost all completely people-powered, motorized pallet jacks (also known as electric pallet jacks, power jacks or walkies) offer more power thanks to their mechanical assistance from strong motors. These are still hand-operated, but they have throttle controls to move forward and backward.

Some motorized pallet jacks allow operators to stand on them and catch a ride, but most require operators to walk with the jack. They do, however, move the load for you without you having to push or pull using your own strength. This can be a real lifesaver for jobs with many loads needing to travel a long way.

It’s also helpful for moving heavy loads, as anyone who’s used a hand pallet jack will tell you after having moved dozens of 4-ton loads with their manual jack.

Motorized pallet jacks are usually electric and can often be charged by plugging into a standard wall outlet overnight. Like hand pallet jacks, there are several models available with different specialties. One benefit of this type of pallet jack is that it helps improve efficiency, especially for bigger jobs.

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