Most Common Forklift Attachments

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Not all forklifts are created equal. Beyond that, there are forklift attachments available that can make some forklifts even more useful than others.

Here are some of the most common forklift attachments and how they are typically used in warehouse environments and elsewhere.

Fork positioner

These allow the forklift to be positioned hydraulically, which is handy for when the width of your load changes constantly. This allows the forklift operator to more quickly align the forks with pallets for better handling. The benefits of a fork positioner include reduced pallet damage, increased productivity thanks to faster load-handling times and automatic adjustment of forks. They’re typically used in warehousing, distribution, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications.

Side shifter

One of the most common forklift attachments is a side shifter, which allows for moving a load side to side to make small adjustments to the pallet’s alignment without having to maneuver the entire forklift. This helps reduce pallet damage and speed up the process of loading pallets, as well as improving the efficiency of how your warehouse space is used. It’s commonly used in construction, agriculture, paper handling and food and beverage applications.

Paper clamps

If you’re using a forklift in the paper industry, a paper clamp forklift attachment may be very helpful. This reduces the damage to your paper rolls and offers a 180- or 360-degree rotation. They are really only used in the paper and printing industries, and their limited use has led to hyperspecialized designs for maximum efficiency.

Push/pull attachment

This attachment allows you to substitute standard pallets for a slip sheet, which can be a cost-effective shipping solution thanks to an increased shipping volume (not to mention a reduced shipping weight). It can be added or removed easily with no need to remove the forks. This is typically used in beverage, bagged goods and food industries.

Fork extensions

Have you ever just needed a little more length to get the job done? A fork extension does just that, extending the length of your forks to handle those awkward loads. It retains the truck’s maneuverability while extending the reach of your forks. It’s most often used in warehousing, shipping, shops and factories.

Multiple pallet handler

This handy attachment doubles the capacity of pallets and reduces loading and unloading times by allowing the forklift to handle multiple pallets side by side. This can also help with navigating through narrow aisles and getting a job done in fewer trips. It’s often used in brewing, bottling, warehousing and shipping operations.


If you ever need to rotate your forks 360-degrees safely and efficiently while moving a load, then a rotator attachment might be the solution for you. It can quickly invert a load and return the forks to their regular, upright position in one continuous motion. This is quite helpful when dumping loads and can greatly reduce downtime in the process.

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