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When you have a forklift out of service, it can cut into your business’s regular productivity. V-Bar Equipment Company understands how difficult that can be, which is why we’ve implemented our forklift loaner program throughout Texas. If you have a forklift out of service, we can help. Why should you have to deal with a broken forklift any longer than you have to? This is just one of the ways V-Bar Equipment Company can ensure that our customers get the best service possible. Here are some of the key signs you’re getting great customer service:

  • Empathy: You know you have a problem, and when you call a customer service rep, you want them to understand that the problem is really upsetting to you. A great customer service representative understands that there are issues you have to solve in order to get stuff done. That’s why V-Bar Equipment Company is so dedicated to providing forklift loaners when yours are in the shop. We know that the world doesn’t stop turning when your forklifts decide to fail.
  • Adaptability: A good business owner is ready to adapt to every problem—but an even better supplier knows to make sure they have the tools they need to work through any issues. If one or more of your forklifts are out, we can help fill the void until you’re ready to put your normal forklifts back into service. This will ensure that your customers get the best service they need, while also taking care of your bottom line. Don’t thank us! It’s just the standard level of service we provide.
  • Taking responsibility: Your forklift outage isn’t always due to our service, but we’ll treat you like it is. We know that your job doesn’t stop when ours begins. That’s why we’re happy to loan you a forklift whenever possible—we want you to keep making money even when your company is experiencing an outage.
  • Listening and patience: When was the last time a company said, “Hey, I hear you and we’ll fix it”? If you haven’t worked with V-Bar Equipment Company lately, it might have been a while. We can guarantee that we’ll listen to your problems, fix them and add a forklift loan to make it right. You don’t have to deal with other companies while you’re trying to ensure you make deadlines and make ends meet. We’re happy to do it for you.

Are you having trouble with your forklifts? V-Bar Equipment Company can help make sure you have all the equipment you need, when you need it—even if you have to take advantage of our forklift loaner program for the time being. That’s just the kind of service we’re happy to provide to our Texas clients, because we know how important it is to keep your business running.

Our company is also great at providing repairs and maintenance on-site, so you never have to wonder how and when your heavy equipment will be back up and running. Call us today to get started with maintenance and repair services for your fleet.

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