What’s the Ideal Way to Pick Up a Loaded Pallet?

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Anyone with experience in operating a forklift knows that it’s a vital function of any business, whether it’s construction or retail. Consequently, it’s important to maintain safety and protect this important piece of equipment. Improperly picking up a loaded pallet can result in damage to both the product and the forklift—not to mention workplace injuries.

That’s why it’s crucial to have top-notch forklift training in Texas. That starts with learning the right way to pick up a loaded pallet. Check out these tips to get started:

  • Go slow: This is crucial for limiting forklift damage and is a smart, basic safety move. Slowing down gives you time to space the tines properly and will help with avoiding short-forking on the pallets. It also prevents errors like having the mast or tines slam into the pallets. Going slow will help extend the lifetime of your forklifts.
  • Don’t train the pallets: This refers to pushing the pallets across the floor. Pushing or pulling pallets is liable to cause undue stress and damage to the forklift, as it undermines the load-bearing capacity. You can damage the pallet’s parts as well, so it’s better all around to avoid training.
  • Clear pallets before turning them out: The pallet’s stringers—which hold it together—are liable to be damaged, leading the pallet to collapse on itself. This can be caused by a forklift driver releasing a load and turning out the pallet too early. The forks need to be fully removed before turning out the pallet.
  • Choose the right pallet: Even if a product technically fits on a pallet, it’s important to consider whether the weight of the product can be held by a pallet. Overloaded pallets may easily break, snap or splinter. Distributing weight across the pallet is another important element, as improper distribution may lead to failure.
  • Spread the tines prior to lifting: The tines should fit into the pallet easily and not make contact with any part of the pallet until lifting. Tines that aren’t spaced properly may strike the pallet’s stringers and lead to damage.
  • Keep the warehouse floor clear: While it’s not always easy in a crowded warehouse, it’s important to leave a clear path for the forklift operator to work in. This avoids having to maneuver around objects, which risks damaging both the forklift and the pallet.

Learning how to correctly load a pallet is just one part of forklift training in Texas. V-Bar Equipment Company has been working with forklift operators and businesses in the Abilene area since 1993. We do it all, including selling and servicing forklifts, forklift telehandlers, boom lifts and scissor lifts, renting heavy equipment, selling parts for all products (including skid steer and compact tractor attachments), offering electric pallet jacks and more.

We’re proud to be a locally owned company with associations with the BBB, NFIB, Chamber of Commerce and American Rental Association. Our excellent staff is ready to help you with all your forklift needs. Call today and learn more about our forklift training program.

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