Tips to Get Heavy Equipment Out of the Mud

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Using heavy machinery can lead to a variety of different issues and mishaps. Even professionals who operate heavy equipment every day run into problems from time to time! One of the most common problems we see is heavy equipment getting stuck in the mud.

Unfortunately, getting heavy machinery out of the mud isn’t always as easy. The good news is that we have experience doing it, and we know how to work a skid steer out of the mud in Texas. This post will cover the best practices for getting your heavy equipment out of that sticky situation.

Always carry a strap, rope, chain or cable

Being prepared is the first step in getting your machinery out of the mud. Regardless of where you’re working, be sure you always have a rope, chain or cable onboard. But just any old strap or chain won’t do—read the tag to ensure the chain or rope is strong enough to pull the machinery if it gets stuck.

Unload the stuck vehicle

Once you get stuck, your first step should be to unload the vehicle. Take out anything and everything that will make the vehicle lighter. After all, lighter machinery will be easier to pull out of the mud.

Attach to a tow hook or frame

Attaching the chain or rope just anywhere on the machinery won’t be very helpful. Attach your straps to a tow hook or the frame itself. Doing so will give you the best chance of pulling the vehicle out without causing any damage.

Insert hooks tips-up

If the chains or straps somehow snap during towing, the tow hooks can instantly become deadly projectiles. To ensure they don’t fly up in the air in the event of a snap, insert them with their tips up. Doing so will cause the hooks to fall harmlessly to the ground instead of fly up in the air.

Only use two attachment points

The connection points are often the weakest links when you’re trying to get machinery out of the mud. One of our best tips on how to get heavy equipment unstuck in Texas is to only use two or three attachment points. The fewer connection points, the stronger your tow rope or chains will be.

Tow slowly

You may be tempted to put the pedal to the metal to pull your stuck equipment out of the mud. Trust us when we say that’s not going to help anything. Instead, pull slowly but surely to get your equipment unstuck.

Bring your equipment to V-Bar Equipment Company for an inspection!

The final step in how to work a skid steer out of the mud in Texas is to bring it in for an inspection. A thorough inspection will help ensure your machinery is in tip-top shape and didn’t suffer any serious damage while it was stuck in the mud.

Whether you’ve just finished dealing with getting your heavy equipment unstuck in Texas or it’s been a while since you’ve had your machinery expected and tuned up, come to V-Bar Equipment Company. We’ll help ensure your equipment is ready to tackle your next project.

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