What Can You Do with a Skid Steer Loader?

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When you think of skid steer uses in Texas, you might picture a construction site. While there are many tasks that one of these machines can handle that relate to construction, potential skit steer uses actually go beyond that setting. This equipment is ideal for a variety of projects. Check out the following common skid steer applications in Texas to get a better understanding of what you can do with one of these machines:

  • Roadwork: Skid steer operators can attach a variety of tools to the machine to effectively complete roadwork tasks. Jobs a skid steer can help with include paving, grading, demolition and patching.
  • Excavating: While you probably picture an excavator when you hear this term, digging, trenching and excavating are also common skid steer applications in Texas. Simply use the right attachment, and the skid steer becomes a trencher, backhoe, auger or wheel saw. You can use this equipment to build foundations, portholes and more.
  • Snow removal: When you need to clear large amounts of snow, a skid steer can provide the perfect tool. Use a bucket attachment, and you can move snow or brush, or attach a snow blade or snowblower for bigger snow removal jobs.
  • Demolition: Skid steers offer a compact footprint, making them great for both interior and exterior demolition projects. They can be used for the demolition of drywall, flooring, concrete and more.
  • Loading: Need to carry equipment or materials around a job site? A skid steer can help. A vertical lift model can be particularly helpful if you need to lift heavy materials.
  • Grading/backfilling: Among skid steer uses in Texas, you’ll also find hole filling and ground leveling. Use a rake attachment or a grading bar to level, scoop up rocks and effectively complete your grading project.
  • Landscaping: Transport mulch, gravel or landscaping tools with a skid steer. This machine can also help with chipping wood, tilling and stump grinding. It’s a serious upgrade from a wheelbarrow.
  • Moving: Use a rotary brush cutter with a skid steer, and you can even mow down tall grasses with it! If you need to clear away small trees, a skid steer can also help you remove those.
  • Farming: A combine isn’t the only machinery that’s useful on the farm. Skid steer uses in Texas include a variety of tasks on agricultural properties. In addition to tilling, you can use this machine to clean barns, move bales of hay and more.
  • Material handling: Another common setting for skid steers is a warehouse. Use it with a fork attachment to move materials and full pallets of heavy products. Models with a vertical lift are best for these tasks.

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