Skid Steer Types and Operation

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A skid steer loader is a piece of machinery you’ll want to put into operation if a mini loader is no longer fitting the bill. A skid steer loader will give you the power and capacity you need to get these larger jobs done, and our team here at V-Bar Equipment Company has the knowledge to walk you through the different types of loaders that can help you take your job site to the next level. We’ve worked with all types of skid steers in Texas, and we’re happy to pass this knowledge along to our clients.

Sizes of skid steer loaders

Like many types of machinery, skid steer loaders come in a variety of sizes and can perform a number of functions. A small skid steer loader is usually going to have somewhere around 50 horsepower and weigh less than 1,750 pounds, while a medium model’s weight can be pushed to 2,200 pounds with horsepower climbing to 70. A large-frame skid steer is of course larger than any of these, weighing over 2,200 pounds and having anything greater than 70 horsepower fueling its engine’s performance. The size of the skid steer loader you’ll need may vary greatly, depending on the job you intend to use it to complete.

Functions of skid steer loaders

Loaders can perform a number of functions, so it’s important to understand the types of skid steers in Texas. A small skid steer loader is going to work best for interiors or landscaping, since it can easily be controlled in these environments and will hold up well to the demands of smaller projects. You might want to opt for a medium loader if you’re dealing with heavier tasks in small spaces, since these machines still have a considerable amount of power in a small package. A larger skid steer loader is going to be your ideal choice if you’re working on heavy-duty projects that require quite a bit of might—things like excavation or demolition, for example.

How do skid steer loaders work?

Skid steer loaders are unique in that their wheels don’t actually turn. Skid steer operations in Texas are dependent on the wheels being powered by different engines. So, an operator can give power to the right-side wheels only and the machine will turn to the right. This causes the left wheels to stay steady and the right wheels to “skid,” carrying the machine around the turn. Once the turn is complete, the operator can return both sides to the same speed so it can keep moving backwards and forwards.

If you’re looking to tackle a project that requires some extra muscle, whether it’s in your backyard or on a professional job site, then a skid steer loader could be the piece of equipment for you. They can save you time, money and hassle when you’re working with large amounts of soil and sand. Give the team at V-Bar Equipment Company a call today to see if one of these machines is what you need to complete your project!

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