How to Decide Between a Skid Steer or a Tractor for Your Farm

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If you’re in agriculture, you know every piece of equipment you buy has to perform exactly to specifications. Your farm needs to run like a well-oiled machine, so you can’t risk having the improper piece of machinery gumming up the works. If you’re looking to find a solution to your earth-moving and landscaping needs, then deciding between a tractor and a skid steer loader could be a decision you’re facing. Both have their own strengths and drawbacks, so if you’re deciding between a skid steer or a tractor in Texas, let the experts at V-Bar Equipment Company walk you through some of the differences.

Versatility matters in skid steer loaders

When you’re deciding between a skid steer or tractor in Texas, one thing you should understand is that a skid steer loader is likely going to give you an added degree of versatility. These machines can be mounted with any number of attachments and customizable functions that will let them do virtually anything. They can be outfitted with backhoes, brush cutters or even mulching/raking attachments—they can really do it all around the farm! They can even work as bulldozers, pushing up trees and other landscaping, and we’ve even heard of our customers using them to help perform tasks like post hole drilling.

Tractors offer additional power

One area where tractors have an advantage is power—there are tractors that have horsepower that a skid steer loader just can’t match. Compact tractors can also have attachments on the back, which isn’t the case for skid steer loaders. A compact tractor can also tow attachments that a skid steer loader can’t handle, and this offers it its own degree of versatility. The benefits of a compact tractor in Texas are that it has the capability to handle a number of attachments on both its back and its front, and it can give you a degree of power and torque far greater than a skid steer loader.

How to decide

When choosing between a skid steer or a tractor in Texas, you really want to consider what you’re going to use the machine for. A skid steer is usually better in compact spaces, since it’s a bit more maneuverable, so bear in mind whether or not you’re going to be working in tight quarters. They can also be better on sloped areas and are quicker in their movements, meaning jobs can go quicker if you have an experienced operator at the wheel. A compact tractor can offer more speed when moving from site to site around your property, and can generate quite a bit power. It all comes down to what you need done for your particular property.

Deciding between skid steer loaders and tractors is a big decision, so be sure to stop by and check out our inventory. Seeing these machines in person and talking to an experienced sales representative can be a great way to get your questions answered. Call or visit V-Bar Equipment Company to learn more. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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