Seven Important Demolition Machines

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If you successfully bid on a demolition job and now find you do not have the needed equipment, it is a good idea to know what you need before you reach out to equipment companies. Machines used in demolition in Texas are specifically designed to withstand the job and take the abuse that comes with it. Settling for less than that could put you and your crew in danger. Here are seven important machines you need for demolition:

  • Excavators: While many people imagine demolition being all about smashing buildings, it is actually a much more refined process. The purpose is to remove uninhabitable buildings while also sparing parts and fixtures that can be recycled. Excavators are common on demolition sites. They work well on all building materials, including steel, concrete and mixed material. Construction companies use full-size excavators for larger jobs, but for smaller, more refined jobs where there is salvageable material, compact excavators are often a better option. You can also use attachments, including grapples, pulverizers, hammers, claws or buckets. A long arm excavator allows you to take down a larger, more dangerous building at a safe distance.
  • Backhoe loaders: These are used for smaller demolition purposes. Backhoe loaders are equipped with a front load bucket, and in the back, they work with an excavator-style digging mechanism and wheel loader. They can accommodate many attachments, including a hydraulic breaker, which can prove essential when breaking rock or concrete.
  • Skid steer loaders: This tough and versatile equipment is a good choice for small demolition projects. A front bucket can be replaced with pallet booms, augers, mowers, hydraulic breakers and even snow blowers. If you are doing demolition inside a building, this machine can prove essential.
  • Wheel loaders: Once you bring down a building, you need to start cleaning up. Wheel loaders are like tractors, and they can move material from the ground and into a dumpster or pit. They are equipped with a wide front bucket that is joined with two arms, so it is easy to scoop debris from the ground without spreading it around.
  • Crawler loaders: These are used primarily in construction to move materials, but they are helpful in demolition jobs too. If you need to clear out narrow areas, crawler loaders offer better mobility. They can also offer the force necessary to push down heavy structures.
  • Bulldozers: The most heavy-duty equipment on a demolition site, bulldozers move heavy debris and cut roads. They are strong and heavy and can handle the roughest demolition sites. You can find bulldozers with options for tires or tracks, depending on the terrain of your project.
  • Cranes: These are more specialized demolition jobs, so you may not require cranes frequently. Cranes are used for tall buildings, usually with a wrecking ball attached to it. They can also remove materials from hard-to-reach places. Cranes may have a hoist, wire ropes or chains and sheaves to lift items horizontally.

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