What You Should Know About Skid Steer Loaders Before Renting

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Skid steers, also referred to as SSLs (short for “skid steer loaders”), are a type of compact wheeled loader designed for construction, demolition and land clearing jobs that require a high level of maneuverability in tight spaces without having to sacrifice power. These pieces of equipment are most frequently used in jobs that will require a lot of lifting and pushing, as opposed to pulling or digging. You’ll find them used in the worlds of agriculture, forestry, construction, landscaping and demolition, among others.

Here are just a few examples of some of the biggest advantages that come with skid steer rental in Texas:

  • Highly versatile: Skid steers can be used to perform many different earthmoving and construction tasks. You can rent them on a short-term basis for individual jobs, or you can rent or lease them on a more long-term basis and have them handy on your property when you have larger jobs or a wider variety of jobs to take on.
  • Easy to use: Skid steers are much easier to operate than other types of large and heavy machinery, so people can rent them for DIY jobs and not need the same level of training as they would for other pieces of construction equipment. They are controlled with a joystick-style system that is easy and intuitive, even if you have no prior construction or demolition experience.
  • Size: Skid steers are much more compact than other types of construction and demolition equipment, such as articulated loaders, excavators and front-end loaders. This allows them to work in more compact spaces, and also makes them easier to transport to the job site. They’re generally transported on flatbed trucks, without much difficulty at all.
  • Variety of attachments: Another point to the versatility of the skid steer is the wide variety of attachments available. You can use skid steers with attachments such as buckets, push rakes, pallet forks, trenchers, slashers, brooms, grapples, concrete mixers and more. These attachments are easy to mount and unmount, so you can easily switch up the specific task for which you’re using the skid steer on your job site without requiring too much down time.
  • Easy to access: It’s very easy to get in and out of the skid steer because they have an open front entry, as opposed to a side entry. This comes in handy in particularly tight areas, where every foot of space is at a premium.
  • Better visibility: Because there isn’t a massive front loader attached to the skid steer, operators will have much better visibility while they’re performing their various tasks. This means more precision during the job, and more efficient completion of the task at hand.

These are just a few examples of some of the major benefits of using skid steers for your construction, demolition and landscaping jobs. For more information about skid steer rental in Texas and the other services and equipment we have to offer, we encourage you to contact V-Bar Equipment Company today. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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