Forklift Storage Tips

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Whether you need to store your forklift for the day or the season, there are a few things you should know. Taking the following steps for forklift storage in Texas will help protect your forklift during downtimes and ensure it is ready to roll the next time you need it:

  • Store indoors: If possible, store your forklift indoors. This will protect the exterior from the elements and extend the lifespan of interior components.
  • Stay level: When you choose a location for forklift storage in Texas, look for a flat setting. It is important to choose a level area to park the forklift.
  • Brake it: Always check the parking brake before leaving the forklift. Make sure this is properly engaged when you store it.
  • Position it: When a forklift is in storage, the tines should be lowered to the ground and the mast should be in the vertical position.
  • Release pressure: As you shut down the forklift to store it, release any remaining pressure in the cylinder by pushing the tilt and lift levers back and forth twice.
  • Disconnect it: If the forklift will be in storage long-term, disconnect the battery. If the forklift is being stored outdoors during cold weather, move the battery to an indoor location for storage.
  • Lubricate components: Apply lubrication to all necessary components to prevent the forklift from locking up while it’s in storage.
  • Check tires: Don’t let tires go flat during periods of non-use. Check tire pressure regularly and maintain the recommended pressure at all times.
  • Run it: Even if you don’t need the forklift for a job, run it once each week while it’s in storage. This will keep the systems ready to run when you do need the machine.
  • Protect it: To prevent corrosion, apply anti-rust treatments to exposed areas such as the shaft. This extra maintenance step will be well worth it to ensure your forklift remains in top shape.
  • Keep it dry: Your forklift has electrical components. Exposing these to water causes problems. Always store a forklift on dry ground to prevent moisture from entering the systems. Consider using plastic as a ground or floor covering when you prepare for forklift storage in Texas. This is especially important if you will be storing the equipment for a long period of time.
  • Secure it: When storing a forklift, you should consider protection from the elements as well as from vandals. Choose a secure location to store your forklift. If you are using a rented storage space, look for a facility that offers secure locks and other security features that ensure the safety and protection of your equipment.

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