Top 10 Tips for Heavy Equipment Safety in Texas

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Operating heavy equipment always involves risk. Fortunately, this risk can be mitigated with a few safety precautions. By following these proper safety procedures, the use of heavy equipment becomes simple and safe. Use these top tips for heavy equipment safety in Texas each time you operate heavy machinery:

  1. Inspect: Before operating heavy equipment, always inspect it. Use a checklist and walk around the machinery to ensure everything is in proper operating condition. Be sure to include both interior and exterior components as part of this inspection. If anything is less than optimal, make proper repairs or adjustments before using the equipment.
  2. Limit: For proper heavy equipment safety in Texas, don’t push the equipment beyond recommended limits. Know the load limits of machinery and adhere to these weights and sizes. Be sure to properly secure loads of all sizes and types.
  3. Communicate: Maintain communication with other workers in your surroundings. Utilize two-way radios or, if this is not an option, establish hand signals to communicate.
  4. Secure: Always wear a seatbelt when operating heavy equipment. Even if the terrain seems smooth and stable, you need to be secure in the seat. In the case of a rollover or other incident, this could save your life.
  5. Watch: Just like your car, heavy equipment has blind spots. Make sure no one is behind you or in other blind spots as you operate the machinery. You may have to get out of the equipment to check. Having a spotter assist you is also helpful.
  6. Contact: A large number of injuries related to heavy equipment operation occur while stepping on and off the equipment. Maintain three points of contact at all times (two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot). Never jump from the machinery, and replace handles and other assistive components if they are missing or damaged.
  7. Level: When you load or unload your equipment, be sure to do so on level ground. Sliding and rolling are extremely dangerous. Partner with a spotter as you load and unload, and ensure the area is clear of other people and objects.
  8. Train: Never “wing it” when operating heavy machinery. Always complete appropriate training before you begin. This may include certification or testing before you can operate the equipment.
  9. Refuel: Never refill the fuel tank while the equipment is running. Only refuel when the machinery is turned off and fully cooled. And remember, no smoking while fueling or operating the equipment.
  10. Distance: For those who are working near others who are using heavy equipment, it’s important to maintain a safe distance. Keep in mind that the equipment operator may not be able to see you, and some machinery can change direction quickly. Moving parts can easily swing around and cause serious injury.

Stay Safe

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