Machinery Match-Up Part 4: The Versatile and Incredible Forklift

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Forklifts are a popular choice for builders and construction workers for moving heavy loads. If you need to lift heavy objects for your project, a forklift rental in Abilene, TX might be the best choice. However, you’ll need to know the different types of forklifts to determine which is best for your particular application, or if you need a different type of equipment rental in Abilene, TX.

Forklift types and uses

There are many types of forklifts, from warehouse forklifts to pallet jacks and order pickers to side loaders and rough terrain forklifts. In fact, forklifts are some of the most versatile and useful heavy-lifting machines available for equipment rental in Abilene, TX!

  • Warehouse forklift: These are perfect for short distance transporting of pallets. Sub-categories include side loaders that include a sideways loader for long loads like pipes and planks, and counterbalance forklifts, which have a weight on the back to help balance heavy loads.
  • Walkie stacker: The walkie stacker is similar to a pallet jack, but can lift pallets to greater heights. The order picker, a sub-type of the walkie stacker, is perfect for piece-picking materials in the warehouse environment and has an open window for pallet-less handling.
  • Industrial forklift: This large-capacity forklift is perfect for lifting very heavy loads off the ground—up to 30,000 lbs!
  • Pallet jack: The small-sized pallet jack is perfect for compact, indoor projects. Its small size is perfect for narrow spaces and light loads.
  • Reach fork truck: Popular for indoor work, the reach fork truck has forward extending forks, great for precise picking in warehouses and other indoor applications.
  • Telehandler: The extendable arm sets this forklift apart, reaching from the ground to much higher elevations, up to 19 feet in the air. It’s great for construction sites.
  • Rough terrain forklift: Like the name suggests, this forklift is great for job sites with uneven, rough terrain and is typically used on outdoor projects and construction sites.

Forklift operation

Forklifts range in their classifications, and you need to be certified on each class of forklift in order to operate it for equipment rental in Abilene, TX. In fact, there are seven classifications, based on the size and power of the machines. Standard smaller forklifts will be between 4 and 7 feet wide and 8 to 10 feet long, useful for indoor or warehouse settings. Larger, more powerful forklifts can range from 10 to 15 feet high and lift as high as 55 feet.

To choose the right forklift rental in Abilene, TX for your project, you’ll need to determine how much weight you need to lift, the weight your job site can withstand, the height of the space you’ll need to fit the forklift into and the terrain you’ll need to operate it on. You’ll also need to make sure you select the right fuel (battery power or gas) and ensure you’re certified in the class that the forklift you choose falls into.

The number of options of forklifts ranging in type and class to size and power makes them incredibly versatile, but can also add to operators’ confusion when selecting and getting certified on the right forklift for their project. If you need guidance on your forklift rental in Abilene, TX, give us a call at V-Bar Equipment Company today!

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