Machinery Match-Up Part 2 – Why Choose Scissor Lift Rental in Abilene, TX?

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Are you familiar with scissor lift rental in Abilene, TX? If not, you’re missing out on a great piece of equipment that could be the ideal solution for your next project.

What’s next on your to-do list? Check out the following overview of scissor lifts to determine whether scissor lift rental in Abilene, TX will make your next job easier.

What It Is

A scissor lift is also known as an aerial work platform, elevated work platform or mobile, elevated work platform. All three names refer to a piece of equipment that is designed to allow personnel to safely reach high places. The lift includes a platform and railing that is supported by struts. The struts are hinged together in a pattern that makes the machinery look like several pairs of scissors. As the platform is raised and lowered, these components open and close in a motion that is similar to scissors. The “scissors” are powered by a hydraulic system to enable the lift action.

The platform includes a safety harness that should be attached to any personnel working on the scissor lift. While this precaution should always be taken, the scissor lift offers a solid, sturdy platform that is ideal for many projects.

Why It’s Used

Scissor lift rental in Abilene, TX provides a great solution for many work settings. This equipment is used in place of scaffolding, ladders and towers. It offers a more stable platform that makes jobs easier to complete and safer for the technicians completing them. Scissor lifts are also more efficient than alternative solutions because they reduce the setup time and allow workers to reach heights faster.

Where It’s Used

This type of equipment rental in Abilene, TX is a great solution for a wide range of projects:

  • Building maintenance: Changing lights, accessing utilities and other building upkeep is often more easily accomplished with the use of scissor lift rental in Abilene, TX.
  • Construction: Renovation and general contract work frequently involve the use of scissor lifts to safely reach heights.
  • Delivery: Scissor lifts are great for carrying heavy products and reaching delivery areas.
  • Retail: Products are often stacked high to make more efficient use of retail space. Scissor lifts make this product placement easy and safe.
  • Warehouses: Scissor lift rental in Abilene, TX allows warehouse workers to efficiently store and access items that are placed in tall vertical bins or shelves. The equipment allows for quick retrieval of out-of-reach items.

How It’s Used

For safe operation of a scissor lift, technicians should be properly trained and certified. Before each use, the equipment should be inspected and tested. The operator should know how far the machine extends and should be familiar with the surroundings to be aware of hazards. Potential dangers when using a scissor lift include power lines, high winds, uneven ground and overload.

Where to Get It

Could you use a scissor lift for your next job? To reap the benefits of equipment rental in Abilene, TX, contact the professionals at V-Bar Equipment Company. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for scissor lift rental in Abilene, TX since 1993. Our excellent staff is here to answer any questions you have, so stop in or give us a call today!

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