Machinery Match-Up Part 1 – Boom Lifts: The Equipment for Any Job

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What job is next on your to-do list? Could you benefit from boom lift rental in Abilene, TX? You might be surprised at how many tasks this equipment can tackle. Technicians in a wide variety of circumstances have found that a boom lift was the ideal solution.

Use the following guide to learn about lift rental in Abilene, TX and how it might be suitable for your next project. To take advantage of the benefits of this equipment, contact your local provider of boom lift rental in Abilene, TX.

What It Is

A boom lift is also known as a man lift, cherry picker, basket crane and elevated work platform. It consists of a platform, or bucket, that is attached to a ground base via a jointed crane. A hydraulic lift system allows operators to lift and position the platform to reach high places. The boom lift may also be mounted to a vehicle on the ground.

Where It’s Used

Boom lift rental in Abilene, TX is used by many professionals for everyday tasks. Window cleaners, painters, construction workers and miners frequently use boom lifts to reach the heights they need to in order to complete their jobs. Foresters, electricians and firefighters also look to lift rental in Abilene, TX for the machinery they need. Even Hollywood invests in this equipment—boom lifts are often used to place overhead lighting above the soundstage.

In addition to these common uses, businesses and organizations have turned to boom lift rental in Abilene, TX for creative solutions. When faced with muddy terrain that is far from welcoming to traditional equipment, technicians can stretch a boom lift over the worksite to complete their tasks in hard-to-reach areas. Athletic teams have used boom lifts to film their practices and games from an aerial standpoint to use the footage for marketing and to review for performance improvement. Certain boom lifts have even been used as a power generator when other sources of power were unavailable.

How It’s Used

While boom lift rental in Abilene, TX is quite useful, it’s important that this equipment is used properly. Operators must be trained and licensed to use a boom lift. It’s essential to adhere to all safety codes during operation. Use the following procedures to prevent injury and damage:

  • Inspect the boom lift before each use.
  • Turn on the boom lift before anyone gets on the platform. Test all controls before you start your work.
  • Use a safety harness. This should be latched to the appropriate attachment on the boom lift.
  • Look for any potential hazards in the surrounding area. Check down, up and all around before you begin to use your boom lift rental in Abilene, TX.

Where to Get It

Are you in need of a lift rental in Abilene, TX? Contact the equipment experts at V-Bar Equipment Company. Locally owned and operated, we have been serving the area with top-quality machinery since 1993. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you have about boom lift rental in Abilene, TX. Reach out to us today for the equipment you need to make your next project a success.

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