Use Grubbing for Spring Ground Preparation

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We may still be in the dead of winter right now, but if each passing year teaches us anything, it is that spring will be here before we know it. If you have plans for developing any land this spring, then grubbing might be in your near future.

Grubbing is, essentially, a funny name for a common activity: clearing the ground so that you can build or grow something new on it. It is a vital part of any kind of land development, both when you are prepping a site for construction or getting rid of an existing building. Before your land is ready for new commercial or residential development, you will need to do some grubbing!

As a leading source for grubbing equipment rental in Abilene, TX, we are happy to lend our expertise about what grubbing is, and how it works.

How it works

So, now that you know what grubbing is, and why it is so important for land development, you are probably wondering how it fits into the bigger development process.

Once your site has been surveyed, and any existing structures have been demolished, then it is time for grubbing to begin. This involved clearing all vegetation—including any stubborn roots that might have been left deep down in the soil.

Grubbing also includes removing debris, brush and logs and grinding down and removing tree sites. Once you are done with the grubbing phase, you can start with drain installation and grading, the next steps in the development process.

What you will need

Grubbing might seem like an easy task to complete—after all, it’s just pulling up some plants, right? Well, while general clearing might be easy enough, pulling those deep-down roots up and grinding tree stumps for removal isn’t exactly a walk in the park. In fact, you are going to need some serious equipment if you are going to do it all yourself!

When you seek out equipment rental in Abilene, TX, make sure you rent the following items: a bulldozer, dump trucks, and compactors. And if you are not sure you have the skills to operate these intense pieces of machinery, then you might want to leave the job to an experienced professional. This is especially true to protect your underground utilities, and to prevent too much erosion.

Ask the experts

Whether you plan on completing the grubbing work on your construction site yourself or need help from the experts, the team at V-Bar Equipment Company is here to help. We have all the equipment you can possibly need for proper and effective clearing and grubbing, and we are happy to lend you our expertise and advice when you rent some of our high-quality equipment.

V-Bar Equipment Company is proud to be a locally owned and operated company offering equipment rental in Abilene, TX. If you have any questions about construction site grubbing, we hope you will get in touch with our team. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you soon!

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