Skid Steer Mechanical Brush Control

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We’re frequently asked about the various options that exist for using skid steers or compact track loaders (CTLs) for land management, specifically with regard to brush control. As anyone who’s ever owned or frequently used a CTL or skid steer knows, there is a nearly unlimited assortment of uses for these machines—their primary benefit is their versatility and usefulness.

But with regard to brush control specifically, what options exist, and what are the best options for you in your given circumstances? To answer this, we typically analyze the following factors as a forklift dealer in Abilene, TX:

  • The type of machine being used: How much horsepower does it have? Is it a wheeled machine or one that runs on tracks? The answers to these questions will play a big role in brush control capabilities.
  • The type of use: Are you going to be using the machine for personal or commercial use? This will play a role in the kind of use you’re getting out of the machine.
  • The types and size of vegetation: Consider the actual brush you aim to control. What are your goals here—short-term or long-term control? What are your cost goals, what sort of timeframe are you working with and how much acreage are you covering?

Keep in mind, these issues are only starting points—there are many additional factors that could play a role in determining your ideal brush control solutions.

Let’s first home in on why the specific machine is so important. The horsepower of the machine will often determine the size or construction of the specific attachment, and the same applies to whether you choose a track or wheeled machine.

We ask about personal or commercial use because, again, this will determine the construction of the attachment you use on your skid steer or CTL. If the attachment is being designed for commercial use, we usually recommend going with heavy-duty attachments. For personal use, you’re typically able to get away with lighter attachments.

With regard to the vegetation, it’s very important to consider the specific piece of land you’re working with. Are you attempting to salvage a field that was, at one point, well cultivated and manicured but has since been taken over by smaller brush? Or is this a parcel of land that’s never had any type of brush control at all, and thus has thicker vegetation of all sizes and types? Are you cutting out areas for hunters just for a season, or are you looking to permanently remove all brush from the site?

These are all questions that will determine the types of equipment that need to be used on the job site. In hearing your answers, we’ll be able to determine whether you need a simple brush cutter or tree shear for a quick, temporary removal, or if we need to find a grubber for a more permanent solution.

For more information, we encourage you to contact V-Bar Equipment Company to speak with a representative at our local forklift dealer in Abilene, TX.

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