Preparing Your Forklift for the Heat of Summer

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Summer is here, and the reality is that it’s only going to get hotter across Texas. While that means it’s time for cookouts and swimming, it’s also time to get your forklift prepared for the most brutal heat.

If your forklift hasn’t been used over the winter, a thorough maintenance inspection is the best way to go to avoid future problems. The last thing you want is for your forklift to break down during the sweltering temperatures, costing you valuable time.

When you do face problems, or if you just need routine forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX, then you should call V-Bar Equipment Company. We’re the company the local business world trusts with all its forklift needs. Let’s go through step by step to see exactly how to keep your forklift operating at its highest level:

  • Engine check: First things first—it’s time to take a look at the entire engine and see if there are any necessary repairs or maintenance to be done. Look for things like leaks on parts such as the valves, pump, cylinders and hoses. You’ll also want to inspect the intake system for any signs of corrosion or wear and tear. Lastly, go through the forks, control panel and mast. You’ll also want to see if any parts need lubrication.
  • Coolant: Just like with an automobile, you want to make sure that coolant is being distributed to the engine evenly and at the right pace. Without coolant, the engine will quickly overheat, which could lead to costly repairs. During the heat of the day, coolant lines become liable to crack or grow brittle. You should regularly check for leaks to avoid hazardously low coolant levels.
  • Cables and wires: Similar to coolant lines, cables and wires are also more likely to break during very hot weather. Perform routine checks to ensure they’re all good to go. If they’re not, you’ll want to do a replacement right away.
  • Batteries: Checking the battery fluid is always a smart idea. Due to cold weather over the winter, your forklift’s battery fluid levels could be low.
  • Fans and belts: Just like coolant, fans and belts are used to regulate the engine’s temperature. Without them, the whole system breaks down. Check for any breaks or cracks to fight against the engine seizing up.

For outstanding workmanship and customer service in forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX, turn to V-Bar Equipment Company. We’ve served the region for 25 years, selling and servicing forklift telehandlers, boom lifts, scissor lifts and parts for all products. Our highly trained staff has made us the go-to destination for sales, maintenance, parts and forklift rental. We also train forklift operators and provide onsite repairs.

V-Bar Equipment Company is a locally owned and operated company with numerous associations with the BBB, NFIB, the Chamber of Commerce and the American Rental Association. For all your forklift needs, stop by or give us a call today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate!

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