Why Forklift Training in Abilene, TX Is So Important

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Any business that makes regular use of forklifts should place a priority on training all employees in the safe operation of that equipment. These are machines that have multiple moving parts and a considerable amount of power behind them.

Despite common sense telling us that forklift safety is important, however, forklifts cause an average of 85 deaths per year and are involved in around 35,000 accidents resulting in serious injury and 61,000 resulting in non-serious injury, according to statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

According to information from the Industrial Truck Association, there are currently about 855,000 forklifts in operation across the United States. If we combine this with the information from OSHA, that means about 11 percent of all forklifts in the country will be involved in an accident sometime within the next year—a shockingly high rate. This could lead one to understandably ask whether workers are getting the forklift training in Abilene, TX they need to safely operate the equipment, or if these workers are simply not following the correct procedures when operating them despite having that training.

Here are some additional numbers to consider. First, the most common causes of fatal forklift accidents (also information from OSHA):

  • 42 percent: Death from being crushed by a tipped forklift
  • 25 percent: Death from being crushed between a forklift and another surface
  • 11 percent: Death from being crushed between two different forklifts
  • 10 percent: Death from being hit or run over by a forklift
  • 8 percent: Death from being hit by material falling from a forklift
  • 4 percent: Death from falling from the forklift platform

Consider also the most common industries and locations at which these fatal forklift accidents occur:

  • 5 percent: Deaths in the manufacturing industry
  • 8 percent: Deaths in the construction industry
  • 5 percent: Deaths in the wholesale trade industry
  • 11 percent: Deaths in the transportation industry
  • 9 percent: Deaths in the retail industry
  • 2 percent: Deaths in the mining industry

Many studies have demonstrated that most of these accidents could have been prevented had the people using the equipment been better trained in how to operate the equipment. This means it is absolutely imperative for all businesses using forklifts, and especially those in the industries listed above, to prioritize safety training for forklift use. Doing so could prevent serious injuries and fatalities.

Keep in mind that this is not just a recommendation—it is required by OSHA that all forklift operators receive sufficient training. It is the law, and any business that operates in violation of this regulation is subject to fines and other potential penalties.

Forklift training will reduce and potentially prevent accidents on the job, and ensures all operators know how to deal with heavy loads that could potentially tip over the forklift. This is an area that should be taken seriously by anyone with forklifts on their premises.

For more information about forklift training in Abilene, TX and why it’s so important, contact the team at V-Bar Equipment Company today.

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