Understanding Tipping Load on Your Skid Steer Rental in Abilene, TX

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The tipping load on a skid steer is the maximum weight your skid steer can carry in a front-loaded attachment without tipping over. For the Bobcat skid steer, for example, the tipping load is 2,600 pounds. This number is far from what is safe to carry in general use. The skid steer’s rated operating capacity is what is considered safe to carry in regular conditions. Different manufacturers and even different operators use different standards for their tractors’ rated operating capacities, but in general the skid steer’s rated operating capacity is considered to be somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of its tipping load.

We believe that 50 percent number is far too high for general use, and we have our own rule of 35 percent for our skid steer rentals. While it may be the case that, at 1,300 pounds, your Bobcat skid steer will not tip most of the time, you still run a risk carrying that weight, especially if you travel at the skid steer’s full speed, or if you are on uneven terrain.

Here are some suggestions for avoiding tipping your skid steer rental in Abilene, TX.

Plan your project accordingly

You should consider it a hard rule to not load your skid steer to more than 35 percent of its tipping load, and need to plan your project accordingly. Most workplace accidents are caused by poor planning or poor implementation of the plan. As long as you know your limitations ahead of time, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to pull your project off on time. Often when people tip their skid steer, it’s because they’re at the end of a workday and are rushing, trying to finish two hours’ worth of work in an hour.

Keep an eye on your back wheels while you’re loading

Before your skid steer tips, you’ll notice that the back wheels seem to be less and less firmly touching the ground. If you start to notice any sign that your tractor’s center of gravity has shifted, such that weight is being taken off the back tires, immediately remove some of your load from your skid steer.

Consider that you might need another tractor

A skid steer is a powerful tool that’s useful on just about any construction or landscaping job, but if you’re trying to move things that have a lot of weight—sections of a downed tree, for example, or a pallet of stone or brick—consider a short-term rental on another tractor or forklift for that particular job. Most of the time, tipping your skid steer isn’t catastrophic, but it often causes damage to your attachment and your connectors.

Explore skid steer rental in Abeline, TX

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