Three Ways Forklift Maintenance in Abilene, TX Can Affect Workplace Safety

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Forklifts are key to most warehouse locations. They are a common site on the warehouse floor and crucial to everyday operations. To keep their operation safe, forklifts must be properly maintained. But what is involved in this forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX? Forklift operators and owners must be aware of common issues with forklifts and how to prevent and repair them.

To ensure your forklifts remain safe for their drivers and those around them, provide the proper care in the following areas.

Forklift Tires

These should be inspected daily. No, that’s not overkill. Tires on forklifts work hard with every load and can easily become damaged and unstable. If they are damaged, forklift tires should be removed and replaced as soon as possible. If the tire goes flat, this can easily cause an accident.

Tires that are damaged, flat or have lost pieces of rubber (called chunking) pose serious threats. They can cause accidents, which can injure the driver, other employees, other forklifts, inventory and other machinery or walls. If a forklift is not running smoothly due to poor tire conditions, it can also cause loads to bounce or shift. Additionally, the driver must work harder to keep the forklift in line. Bald tires are also hard on warehouse floors. To avoid these issues, ensure proper forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX with regular tire inspections.

Forklift Batteries

Forklifts typically require heavy, lead-acid batteries. These must be carefully inspected, handled and maintained to ensure safety in the workplace. Designate an area for battery charging and changing. Designate specific employees to train on how to handle battery issues. These trained employees must understand the hazards associated with battery handling and battery acid. Stress the importance of protective clothing while working with forklift batteries for safe forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX. Train these employees on how to handle leaks, gas emissions and burns. Let other, untrained employees know they should not attempt to handle these situations.

Forklift Gauges and Warning Lights

These warnings are essential to alert operators and maintenance crews to issues with your forklifts. If inoperable, the gauges offer a false sense of security with the machinery that can cause accidents. Unexpected issues can suddenly arise and cause accidents and injuries in the workplace. As part of your regular forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX, check all gauges and warning lights to ensure they are functioning properly. Additionally, do not ignore any gauges that indicate an issue. Make repairs right away to prevent mishaps or further damage to the machine.

Consult the Experts

If you experience any issues with your forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX, contact forklift experts for assistance. The highly trained technicians at V-Bar Equipment Company offer in-depth knowledge of forklifts to help you diagnose any issues and ensure your machine is safe. We also offer top-quality, well-maintained forklifts to rent for your next project. Our forklifts and experienced drivers will help keep your workplace safe and protected from forklift accidents and related injuries. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all your machinery needs.

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