Five Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoors Person in Your Life

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This holiday season, get the outdoors person in your life what they really want—better tools for getting work done. And what could be more useful than an accessory for the most useful little tractor on the market, the skid steer? There are a variety of skid steer attachments in Abilene, TX for almost every type of project imaginable. Below are five gifts we think are perfect for the loved one in your life who likes to get things done outdoors:

  • Skid steer earth auger: The skid-steer earth auger attachment produces over 3,000 ft. lbs. of torque, and it’s designed to be flexible, pivoting vertically and horizontally to assure that you can dig perfect auger holes regardless of the conditions. It’s also designed to last, with high-strength housing, and a super strong frame. Finally, it’s engineered to be extremely easy to operate, meaning when the person in your life receives their gift, they will be able to use it immediately.
  • Skid steer tiller: This is the perfect tool for tilling your big garden, or for reclaiming a lot from brambly blackberry vines and then re-growing sod. The skid steer tiller can till large swaths of land in no time. It has a 6-in. digging depth, a 4-in. shaft, and 3-1/2-in. tines. All together, this makes it a lean, mean, weed-eliminating, soil-turning machine. Its tines are heat treated. The hood cover is industrial strength. And the Eaton Char-Lynn motor delivers all the torque you could ever need.
  • Skid steer brush cutters: The skid steer industrial brush cutter attachment is very durable, and provides 6-in. cutting capacity at super high speeds. The brush cutter is specially designed to avoid snagging on wire fencing, a problem that can cause lots of slowdowns in a workday. The brush cutter cuts both brush and grass, providing a nicer more even cut than a mower, and with far more power. Like all our skid-steer attachments, this is designed to last over the long haul, and to be extremely easy to use and maintain.
  • Skid steer forks: We have forklifts and fork-grapple skid steer attachments. Both are designed for carrying and transporting heavy loads, with the forklift graded for 4,000 lbs. of capacity, and the fork-grapple graded for 7,000 lbs. If you’re worried about losing flexibility for carrying tall loads with the grapple, it’s able to carry loads up to 50 in. tall, so it is far more flexible than many people realize.
  • Skid steer hay bale spears: The skid steer hay bale spears are the perfect gift for your favorite worker this year. The forged metal spears are designed with small diameters to easily penetrate even the tightest hay bales. All pieces are replaceable and removable, so it’s easy to work on by hand. It’s got a super rugged frame, and comes in one-spear and two-spear setups.

The outdoors person in your life, if they’re anything like us, respects quality and durability, as these things show that a company understands and respects the hard work that goes into earning a dollar. These skid steer attachments in Abilene, TX are serious tools for real hard workers. At V-Bar Equipment Company, we have both used and new parts, and are the go-to supplier for many companies in the area. We offer skid steer attachments as well as a variety of other heavy-duty tractors and forklifts and accessories. For more information, or to ask about our inventory, please call us today!

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