Can My Forklift Be Repaired, or Is It Time for Replacement?

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Can your forklift problem be repaired, or is it time to invest in a replacement forklift? Let’s ask a knowledgeable forklift service in Abilene, TX! Here are some key signs that you should repair or replace individual forklift parts:

  • Worn tires: Visible damage is the first sign of worn tires. Balding leads to uneven tire wear, and you’ll soon have an oblong or flat-looking tire, while flat spots on the tire’s surface that aren’t related to low tire pressure indicate the tire should be replaced. Also watch out for pieces of the rubber falling off, which happens in forklift tires that regularly roll over debris and objects. Worn tread is another big sign of damage. With all the action forklift tires see, you are better off replacing worn tires than trying to repair them.
  • Damaged forks: Depending on the severity of the damage, you can replace or repair forklift forks—seek a professional opinion. Signs of damaged forks are surface cracks, bent blades (even the slightest curve), a height difference between the two blades and a positioning lock that no longer works.
  • Damaged tanks: During tank inspections, you should keep an eye out for damage. It’s important that the fuel tank not have any dents, and be sure it’s secure and able to maintain regular fuel levels. Also check the condition of the forklift’s hydraulic tank—look for leaks in the tank when you check the oil level.
  • Problems with safety attachments: Inside, make sure the vehicle’s seat belts are not torn or appear thin and worn, and check the expiration date on the portable fire extinguisher as well as its condition. Look into and manipulate any mirrors attached to the forklift. Mirrors that are broken or feel loose need to be fixed immediately. Also inspect warning lights, brake lights and turn signals; replace any burnt-out light bulbs.

Other times, you’re likely going to be better off just replacing your forklift entirely. Here are three signs suggesting this might be the case:

  • Too many scary malfunctions: Like all vehicles and heavy equipment, forklifts don’t last forever. Too many major malfunctions can make the worksite dangerous for employees, including unstable hydraulic lifts dropping bulky materials and vehicles not able to come to a quick stop. Replacing old forklifts may be necessary to prevent workplace accidents.
  • High maintenance costs: Since you invested in a high quality piece of machinery, of course you want to get it serviced regularly, and repair or replace components as they age and wear down. But over time, the cost to maintain the old forklift can quickly grow. Consider buying a new unit.
  • Not being used as often: A forklift that spends more time on the sidelines with mechanical problems than in the work zone is a big sign it’s time for a replacement.

If you want a worksite forklift that functions at top-level expectations, then it must be well maintained and properly serviced. Regular maintenance ensures your investment stays in good condition so you stay in business. At V-Bar Equipment Company, we are proud to offer a wide range of forklift service in Abilene, TX—including mechanical, electrical and hydraulic repairs. We are equipped to take care of forklift issues both in-house and on-site!

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