Three Variables to Consider When Choosing a Skid Steer Attachment for Brush Control

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Brush control is an important need for commercial properties and private real estate alike. Vegetation overgrowth is one of those things that happens naturally, but once it grows out of control or thick, dead vegetation is left to accumulate, it can become a nuisance. What if you want to build on the land, or fertilize the soil for crops? These are only a couple reasons why someone might want to clear an overgrown lot. Luckily, there is more than one option for this kind of land management. You can use a skid steer, a smaller powerful work machine, instead of bringing in gigantic construction equipment.

What exactly is a skid steer? A skid steer, also called a skid loader or skid-steer loader, is a small yet powerful engine-powered work machine fitted with strong lift arms. A skid steer’s lift arms are used to attach a variety of machine-specific tools or attachments to save time and labor. Below, we’ll briefly discuss skid steer attachments to clear and control large amounts of brush.

As a starting point, there are three main variables to consider when choosing a skid steer attachment for brush control. Ask about your options when you arrange for skid steer rental in Abilene, TX.

The particular type of machine being used

The most important question to ask yourself is, “What specific type of machine do I need?” The first consideration should be horsepower. You’ll need to know the size of the specific skid steer attachment; otherwise, the attachment may not be able to do its job efficiently. The same consideration needs to be made for choosing between track or wheeled; there’s an ongoing debate whether tracks or tires are best for a skid steer. Factor this into the picture in regards to what you need the skid steer to complete.

Is the machine for commercial or personal use?

First and foremost, the question of whether the skid steer attachment is for commercial or personal use is a valid one. This clarification on the user’s part will determine the construction of the specific attachment. A brush controlling attachment for commercial use will yield a more heavy-duty, stronger-built attachment, while one for personal use—like for farm and property owners with several acres or more—can make do using a lighter built attachment. Why are personal machine attachments not as heavily constructed? This is because a theory suggests that the person who purchases or rents the equipment will have the instinct to take better care of it.

The types and size of vegetation or brush that needs controlling

Another thing to consider is the type and size of vegetation. Are you tasked with removing a decade’s worth of field brush, or clearing a field or pasture that has never been managed? Also, factor in your labor costs, time and overall budget. When you narrow down the scope of the brush control project at hand, you can make an informed decision on whether to buy or rent a specific skid steer attachment or a multipurpose attachment tool.

If you have questions about a specific attachment for use during skid steer rental in Abilene, TX, feel free to contact the experts at V-Bar Equipment Company.

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