June 13 Is National Forklift Safety Day! Here Are Five Common Forklift Operator Safety Mistakes to Avoid

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Like other heavy machinery and large motor-powered vehicles, it’s important that forklift owners and operators perform regular forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX. But for preventative maintenance to be effective, it must be done right. Furthermore, every forklift operator needs the proper training in order to steer clear of mistakes, be it a small mistake or one that creates a dangerous situation. The good news is that most forklift accidents are avoidable when basic rules are followed and common sense is used.

So, in honor of National Forklift Safety Day on June 13, let’s review the five most common forklift safety mistakes made by machine operators:

  • Not performing thorough inspections: Forklifts are large machines capable of causing bodily harm and expensive damage. Before an operator even gets into the forklift, he or she must perform a thorough pre-operation inspection to reduce the chance of mistakes happening and prevent accidents. These inspections are needed to detect issues with the forklift prior to powering up, so an operator should always check the following: the battery, hydraulic fluid, tire pressure, gas and other fluid levels and signal function.
  • Miscommunication: Operators are not the only ones in danger should they make a mistake. Other workers in the warehouse or construction zone, as well as passersby walking near street projects, are in danger of being run over by moving forklifts, especially when the operator cannot see a person in blind spots. Good communication is an important step in ensuring this does not happen—use signals, make sure the reverse sound controls are working, communicate with verbal cues and block off forklift operating zones.
  • Driving at an unsafe speed: Whether your forklift is carrying materials or inventory—or nothing at all—forklifts should never be driven at an unsafe speed. This is especially crucial when a moving forklift is near other vehicles or in close proximity to pedestrians and workers. Even more hazardous is a forklift with a heavy load driving too fast. It can tip over during turns or nose-plant, spilling its cargo everywhere. This can lead to injuries and costly repairs and forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX.
  • Thinking a signaler is not needed: Experienced forklift operators working with the same machine know its blind spots and how it handles. But driving a forklift is a complex process that can be made simpler with the help of a trained signaler, who also acts as a sort of safety measure. This person uses hand signals to direct you to your destination, while keeping you on track and preventing you from running into pedestrians.
  • Loading over capacity: Forklift operators should double check their load capacity, as well as make sure the forklift they are using is designed for the task. An overloaded forklift is a danger to the operators and anyone else in the general area—not to mention risking damage to whatever materials are being carried.

Whether you have a personal forklift you use around your property or a fleet of forklifts for business, know that the professional team at V-Bar Equipment Company is prepared to provide forklift maintenance in Abilene, TX. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for maintenance or repairs!

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