What Are the Most Common Forklift Failures?

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Forklifts are a necessity for manufacturing and industrial businesses. They make it easy to move heavy goods from one place to another. However, forklifts develop problems just like any other machine, which cause delays, reduce productivity, and even cause accidents. Luckily, most of these problems can be detected and fixed easily. Below are some of the most common forklift failures.

Mast Issues

The mast refers to the lifting mechanism of a forklift. A mast may develop a hydraulic problem, making it not rise or lower properly or do so erratically.

If you notice problems with how the mast lifts or lowers, start by checking the hydraulic fluid levels and top it up if they are low. When the hydraulic fluid level is low, the forklift cannot generate enough power to lift the mass and carry loads.

Another thing that causes mast failure is a fluid leak in the hydraulic cylinders or the hose. Leaks need to be fixed by a forklift mast repair mechanic to solve the problem.

You can also check if the forklift chains are rusty or worn out, since they can also cause mast failures.

The mast may also crack, stretch, or bend over time. It’s crucial to inspect it regularly since such problems don’t occur overnight. They do so gradually, especially when there is no proper maintenance.

Steering Failures

Forklifts must have smooth steering since they can be difficult to maneuver, especially in tight spaces. If you hear strange sounds when turning the forklift or you find it difficult to control it smoothly, it might be a steering failure.

Steering failures are caused by various factors. One of the most common ones is low levels of the steering fluid transmission. Worn-out gear can also cause steering failures. Other causes include misaligned tires and loose pressure valves. If the issue is low levels of steering fluid transmission, you can easily top it up to fix the issue. If the fluid looks dirty, you might have to flush it and refill it. Other problems like worn-out gears require repair by a forklift repair professional.

Starting Failures

Starting failures can occur if the forklift has run out of fuel. If you experience problems when starting the forklift, first check whether it has enough fuel and top up if it doesn’t. Electrical problems can also cause starting issues. Check whether the battery is properly connected or if corrosion on the casing and the terminals may be causing problems. You can also do a battery performance test and check its electrolyte levels.

Coolant levels may also cause starting failures. Lack of coolant or a radiator blockage can make the lift truck overheat and develop starting issues. This problem can be fixed by cleaning the radiator to remove the blockage and adding more coolant. If the radiator is heavily corroded, you are supposed to replace it.

Knowing some of the common forklift failures can help you detect a problem before it worsens. If you notice any issue with a forklift, look for forklift repair services. Doing so prevents incurring expensive repair costs, downtime, and accidents. You should also adopt a maintenance schedule to avoid these problems, as prevention is always better than fixing a problem.

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