7 Most Common Forklift Attachments Explained

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Without forklift parts like attachments, it would be impossible to move certain loads. Could forklift attachments benefit your day-to-day workflow?

Whether you’re in the agricultural, construction or manufacturing industries, investing in the right forklift attachments can go a long way toward reducing product damage, promoting safer handling and improving productivity every day.

Here’s a guide to the most common forklift attachments and how they can be used.


When it comes to forklift attachments, the side-shifter is one of the most common. Attach a side-shifter to your forklift to move loads from side to side. It allows you to make precise adjustments to the alignment of the pallet you’re carrying without needing to move the entire machine. Not only do side-shifters improve warehouse space utilization and enable faster loading, but they also reduce fuel burn and pallet damage.

Paper clamps

If you’re in the paper-handling industry, paper clamps are a forklift part you can’t do without. Paper clamps help you boost your productivity while protecting your product, leaving rolls damage-free.


Material handlers in the food and beverage industry can take advantage of push/pull attachments, a cost-effective solution that increases shipping volume. This specialized attachment connects to conventional forklift trucks; it allows you to substitute standard wooden or plastic pallets with cheaper slip sheets for easier handling of goods.

Multiple pallet handler

These attachments are ideal for material handling in the bottling, brewing, warehouse and shipping industries. They not only handle single pallets but can also lift, carry and side-shift multiple pallets side by side. A multiple pallet handler is a valuable attachment that instantly boosts everyday productivity at your facility, doubling handling capacity of pallets and reducing loading and unloading times.

Fork extensions

Need longer forks on your lift truck? If you occasionally need to move long, awkward loads that extend further than the tips of your forks, invest in fork extension attachments. They offer stability and safe handling without sacrificing truck maneuverability and are ideal for use in warehouses, shipping facilities and factories.


If you need to invert or dump loads in your daily operations, you should invest in a rotator attachment. They quickly invert loads and return the forks to an upright condition in a single motion, improving productivity and limiting downtime. This attachment is ideal for use in the agriculture, food and beverage and waste/recycling industries.

Fork positioners

Material handlers in the distribution, warehousing, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries can benefit from fork-positioner attachments. They allow the forks of the truck to be positioned hydraulically, which is especially useful when you’re consistently moving loads of varying widths. With a fork-positioner attachment, the operator can align the forks with pallets faster, improving productivity, reducing pallet damage and lowering load-handling times.

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