Is It Really Necessary? Top Five Reasons to Keep Your Forklift Certification Up to Date

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Some industries require their employees to maintain certifications so they can move forward with certain practices or operate machinery. A prime example is certification to operate forklifts—safety and efficiency are on the line, after all. Ideally, you will keep track of when you last updated your forklift certification, or maybe the company you work for tracks this for you. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends certificate renewal training every three years, while private company guidelines can require it every two years.

Read on for some information about the importance of updating your forklift certification and enrolling in forklift training classes in Texas!

Whether you’re an independent contractor or lead a team of forklift operators, it’s to the advantage of everyone involved in a job that you keep your or your team’s forklift certification(s) up to date. Yes, renewal training is time-consuming, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are five reasons why forklift safety renewal training is necessary:

  • Everyone is in the know: Like many other businesses in the U.S., those that employ forklift drivers can see frequent turnover rates. The regular flow of new forklift operators year after year might mean you always have a mix of brand-new drivers and veteran drivers working on the same team. Look at this as an opportunity to sign everyone up for a forklift safety refresher course.
  • New equipment orientation: Purchasing new equipment is the perfect time to update your forklift certification. If you run a company, and are not sure how your new forklift’s safety standards match up with your company’s safety protocols, consider updated training. Between the equipment manufacturer’s suggestions and updated safety training, your team will be good to go.
  • Operator safety: As a company or worksite supervisor, you need to make your crew feel appreciated and protected. You should also show your forklift operators that you care about their safety by offering an updated forklift safety training course.
  • OSHA requirements: Updated forklift training is a requirement from OSHA. This type of certification benefits both operators and employers, and it helps to keep employees safe while protecting the workplace from unsafe practices. It’s not unusual for OSHA to change the safety requirements for forklift operators. Updated forklift safety training keeps you or your forklift drivers current and on track with such legislative changes.
  • Keep your records up to date: How sure are you that your forklift drivers’ safety training record is up to date? Your records might be wrong. For instance, a forklift operator could’ve been out the day of your company’s most recent safety update meeting, or your office might’ve accidentally overlooked asking a new driver to present proof of up-to-date forklift certifications. Getting the ball rolling on the latest safety classes is the best way to ensure that your human resources files match your drivers’ current credentials.

When in doubt about your forklift drivers’ training, take the safe route and schedule everyone for forklift training classes in Texas. Call V-Bar Equipment Company today for more information!

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