Machinery Match-Up Part 3: Skid Steer 101

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Skid steers are a popular choice for many applications. They work best on jobs that require pushing or lifting, and less well on jobs that require pulling or digging. Skid steer rental in Abilene, TX is popular for jobs involving landscaping, construction, forestry, demolition, agriculture and more. Is a skid steer right for your project? Keep reading to find out more about their uses and operation.

Compact wheel loaders

Skid steers go by many names, including SSLs and skid steer loaders. They differ from compact track loaders and multi-terrain loaders, which operate using tracks instead of wheels and are used in different ground conditions. The name “skid steer” comes from the machine’s ability for its wheels to operate independently from each other, allowing it to turn in place. It’s a lightweight and agile machine, perfect for pulling behind a trailer or truck, and powerful enough to handle a variety of jobs. When looking for equipment rental in Abilene, TX, it’s important to understand the differences between the machines and their jobs.

Skid steer applications and sizes

The first skid steer was used for cleaning out a multi-story barn by a turkey farmer. They’re used on a variety of jobs that require power and tight maneuverability in small spaces. The flexibility of different attachments and sizes of skid steers make these machines useful in a variety of applications and a popular choice for equipment rental in Abilene, TX.

Choosing the size of the SSL will depend upon the space allotted for the job and the nature of the application. They are rated by their operating capacity, from up to 1,251 lbs for the smallest and more than 2,705 lbs for the largest. Knowing how much space you have to work with, how much power you require and the specific jobs that will be done are all important to consider when deciding which size of skid steer rental in Abilene, TX to choose. Smaller skid steers are best for smaller landscaping jobs and underground construction. Medium skid steers are useful for a wide variety of construction applications, as they provide a balance between size, maneuverability and power. Large SSLs are best for large-scale jobs, such as excavating, road building and moving pallets or loads of dirt.

Skid steer operation

When deciding whether to opt for skid steer rental in Abilene, TX or hire professionals to operate the machine, it’s essential to determine whether you can operate it yourself. For small jobs, it may be cheaper to hire someone to work for a few hours than rent the machine for a whole day. Plus, if you have to learn to operate the skid steer yourself, that may take even more time. For simple jobs, or for use over a longer period, such as several days to a week, it may make sense to rent a skid steer. If you’ve never operated heavy equipment before, read up on basic operations of this type of machinery before deciding on renting to determine if it’s something you can learn.

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