A Note on Front Loader Attachment Quick Connect Setups

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There are a number of front loader attachment quick connects that use a variety of strategies, from hydraulic connections to simple pin setups, for firmly connecting attachments to your front-loader. For a long time, every company basically had their own connecter type, and you either had to select from the narrow range of attachments made just for your front loader, or you had to figure out a way to engineer a connection between attachments and front loaders with different connection setups.

This can still be a problem if you’re using an older front loader; however, in recent times, most front loaders have switched to Bobcat’s skid steer Universal Quick Attach standard. The greater number of tractors using the Universal Quick Attach standard means that there are more front loader and forklift parts for sale and rent than for any other connection setup.

If you’re buying a new or used tractor, Universal Quick Attach is the way to go

  • More options: Because Universal Quick Attach is essentially the industry standard for front loader and forklift parts, going with a tractor that uses the standard is a great way to ensure you always have your pick of front loader attachments available to you.
  • Cheaper in the long run: Being able to find a cheap, reliable attachment right when you need it, rather than waiting and searching for a hard-to-find part, is going to save you money in the long run. As attachments for other types of tractors get harder to find, they will likely become even more expensive.
  • Adds longevity to your tractor: Going with the industry standard is a great way of future-proofing your tractor. It’s going to be able to use whatever new attachments come out down the line, no problem, and it’s also going to better maintain its resale value, should you ever want to sell it.

If your tractor does not have Universal Quick Attach, there may be options

For most popular brands of tractors, there are thriving specialty resale markets for attachments, but you’re limited to the selection of whatever attachments are available at the moment. If you’re handy yourself, you might be interested to know that many of these tractors have web forums of enthusiasts who share solutions for making other attachments work with your tractor. We don’t necessarily recommend this for just anyone. You should definitely be sure that you know what you’re doing, and you’ll also want to vastly decrease the load you carry with such a nonstandard connection.

And of course, there is always the option of trading your tractor in for a newer one.

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